Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Kyle

Pay no attention to the rest of this post... I see now that you wanted a REAL button!! lol

I searched on Etsy, and found some neat buttons... and you might also click on the last little picture in this post... that site has MANY neat THINGS for BCA.

I searched on PhotoBucket, and found these:

Breast Cancer Awareness
second.jpg breast cancer image by nikkistaa

ALSO... There is a FREE website that I go to, where you click on a little button, and companies donate money for every click. There's one for Breast Cancer too...
The Breast Cancer Site
Hope that helps!

1 comment:

Pattie said...

Love your site. Just happened upon as I am in the processing of setting up my website "Buttons and Buttons." I noticed you were in need of a "pink ribbon" button - I have a pink ribbon lapel pin & some "round" pink ribbon bakelites. Would either of these do? Let me know ... I will try to post some pictures of them (First I have to find them!) Thanks for the wonderful site!-Pattie

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