New to me

I found these lovey, heavy, blingy buttons in a grab bag of vintage sewing notions at the thrift store the other day:
These beauties just came to me via a swap called Grandma's Attic Matchbox swap:
And, look at this adorable, tiny tin (it's about the size of a nickel) that held more buttons:
Have you found any buttons this week?  Do tell!


I haven't been anywhere to hunt for buttons but I did play in a couple
jars today.. I made a doll for a customer and had to find wooden buttons for eyes and four for buttons to overall straps ( front and back ).so trying to find two small ( two hole ) buttons for eyes and four for overall straps took some time but I enjoy " playing in buttons ).
Vintage Jane said…
I found several jars of buttons last week. Spent a few hours playing with them at the weekend! I was a very lucky girl because in amongst them I found some gorgeous blue glass Bimini (Orplid) buttons. I have posted an article about them on my blog here - M x
LuLu Kellogg said…
I am a newbie and it's so nice to see others that love buttons as much as I do!!!

LuLu Kellogg :)
I love the heavy metal buttons.
I have some from years ago that i got at an auction

Theres nothing better than finding a great old button LOL

Do you have that book on old vintage buttons? Antique & collectable Buttons .
I have loved buttons since i was very young
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, what gorgeous buttons! You were really lucky to find those!
Linda said…
As a Follower, and a new one at that, I am not certain if I may make comments. But I am anyway.
The glitzy buttons in the first picture look very similar to decorative buttons on my wedding dress. It was an off-the-rack white jacquard weave cotton late-1960's cocktail dress.
Laurie said…
Oh Linda -- of course we want your comments! It's great to have you here!
I received a large package of button the other day from my cousin. They were truly beautiful. But then, what button isn't a treasure. Your find of button treasures reminds me of some I discovered in the package - heavy and jeweled. They're so amazing! I'm going to use them at Art and Soul in Portland, OR on one of my Shabby Chic Birds.
Megan said…
Wow! Those are beautiful! Now I don't feel so weird about keeping buttons:) I thought it was just some strange notion that I had, but now I know I'm not the only one out there with a button obsession!
teresweetstyle said…
great post! i really love making things with buttons and other pieces like that!

Laurie said…
Megan -- you are definitely NOT alone! We are all button mad here!
Надежда said…
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