Author, author!

Attention all you Authors of Button Floozies: I sent you an email on August 13 and have heard back from a handful of you.  Thank you again to all who have responded!

If you haven't, I would love it if you would take a moment to reply.  In case you haven't received my email, please check your "spam" folder as it went to 100 people; also, it was addressed to the email that you used to become a contributor to Button Floozies, so if your email has changed in the meantime, please check your previous email account.

Thank you!


andrea creates said…
thanks for the reminder! i just sent off my letter :)
Don't thhink I got one..
If so I don't remember.
Are you considered an author or comtributor if you just add comments..or do you have to be signed in as a contributor.
I want to be considered a member and contributor.. Please reply to me and explain all this to me as I want to be involved..

Maurine Huffines
Hi Laurie,

When we have something to contribute do you want us to send you the posting first so you can look at it, or is it okay to go ahead and post?

Thank you,
Angela Thoma
Laurie said…
Angela, just go ahead and post it!
Indigo Blue said…
I am a contributor and I did get your email via a freind's computer as mine was getting fixed. Dropped it.....not a good idea,it is a laptop by the way.
I am in the middle of exam result analysis so a bit preocupied. I would like to continue contributing to this blog in the future.
Welcome to you Angela from me and fellow floozies.
Indigo Blue said…
I am taking a contributor to be someone who has access to putting posts on this blog, not just leaving comments.
Sorry it has been quite a day, my students did well with their exams!