Glitz and sparkle!

My favorite old buttons are the ones with rhinestones. I was excited to find this wonderful assortment recently. One little button can inspire a whole new creation, like the ones I used on this vintage looking Snowfolk I finished recently: My favorite color of button? PINK, of course! Nancy Lee


cute snowperson!

love the rhinestones and twinkly buttons.
Jenny said…
I love it! It is too pretty!!
Autumn said…
OH yes- the TwInKle gets me everytime!!!
I love the glitter of rhinestones!!!
LiLi M. said…
Hello Nancy, welcome at the button floozies'!

I love the rhinestones too!
Abbie said…
Hi Nancy,
Oh, that snowman is just lovely! (snow-lady?) :) Rhinestones are certainly fun aren't they?
Anonymous said…
I love your little snowperson and your buttons! Lovely!!
Jenni B said…
Oooh! I love the rhinestone buttons too! Great choice. :)

Jenni B
Mrs Pretzel said…
These are SO pretty!!
Gorgeous snowman and gorgeous buttons!
Sherrie said…
Your buttons are pretty and the snow person is beautiful with her row of buttons. I have some of those black buttons with the rhinestones. Take Care!!

Dalyn said…
Thanks for visiting my blog *U* We do have alot in common, but you are not old enough to be my mom! YOu look a little young for that!
*U* That's a complimnet!
marmee said…
very nice love the pink snowfolk!
Hi, Brenda,
Thanks for the visit and the note! I love the buttons! My wife has taught me to appreciate them, and yours are lovely!
Recycled Rita said…
Rhinestone buttons are my favorite also...I actually have a few of the same buttons! Love them!
Your snowfolk is awesome! Is it made of paper mache?
Thanks for sharing!
Leaon Mary said…
What a beautiful snowwoman!
I would love to learn how you make these!! Is that mica flakes on her?
Please wb...
she's beautiful.. and the bling button really razzle dazzles!
Anonymous said…
Oh I am so glad to have found your blog,FABULOUS! Such pretties!
Nancy Malay said…
It's so fun to share my enthusiasm for old buttons with others who have a fondness for them, too!

And, thank you so much to all of you with such kind words about my Vintage snowfolk.

Charlene said…
I love the photo of the buttons. You have some great ones there.