Hi everyone,
I recently sorted out my buttons. I came across these and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. The clear ones feel like glass, they are a heavy button. The ones on the paper are metal. You can see one of them has tarnished. The other one, shaped like a tear drop, is bone I think? Not sure about that. Just a wild guess.


Abbie said…
oooo... I absolutely love the silver ones! By the looks I'd say they were made of silver too! ooo... and yes, if the clear ones tink together, then they are glass. I have quite a few of those too. They just sparkle so much more than plastic when they are cleaned. Bone buttons are great! I haven't seen any in that shape before. Just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!
Naturegirl said…
Very interesting to do a blog on the many different buttons ones has!
Love the glass ones!
Pallas said…
I bought a card of antler buttons today. The cards had different shaped and shaded buttons because of where they were cut on the antler. I think yours could be antler too. I had never seen them before, and just had to have some!

By lightly tapping a button to a tooth, I can tell if it is glass. I have always done this despite the yuk comments from my sister. And guess what - I just read that tip in a magazine the other day so guess it isn't too yukky :>)

Sherrie said…
Thanks everyone for the info. It helps a lot! Take Care!!