My heart Shaped tomato

Mom thought I should share one of the MANY photos I took of the heart shaped tomato I found growning in my garden! So- here it is!!


Jenny said…
I looked at your set of heart tomato pictures! Really cool!
Look at that!! How adorable :0)

Nola said…
What a great way to display the tomato!
That is the cutest looking tomato I have ever seen! GREAT photo and very clever! Love all your vintage buttons!!! Hugs, Maryjane
Debbie Doughty said…
Thanks Rachel! Love you, Mom
Kudzu said…
That is so sweet! And what a perfect way to display it:)
Abbie said…
Hi Rachel!
:) I love that image.. the tomato is just amazing!
wow! seems a shame to eat it!
Jessica Rodarte said…
So cute! I saw it on your blog button-less, but I love it with the buttons! :)