Vintage buttons....

Movie star button cards..................
Old fashioned shirt button cards........................

These are the buttons on the original cards that I mentioned earlier. ( Yes- now I see that I should have put my glasses on to take the picture- the card is upside down in the last picture)

I search diligently for treasures like this and NEVER run across anything this wonderful!
My oldest daughter found these at a thrift shop and paid a couple of dollars for them !
I was so thrilled to get them- such unusual and unique cards as well as buttons.

Daughters are a wonderful gift- they know you better than you know yourself sometimes. She spotted these and knew I would love them.
I didn't grow up with sisters so I don't always "get" the girly stuff- but I am learning; thanks to my precious daughters!!!



KatCollects said…
Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for the comment on my blog. I have to know, what IS a button floozy? : ) I love your carded buttons. I have some on cards, I love when I come across them, especially pinks blues creams pale yellows. Your Daughter sounds like a sweetheart!
Bev said…
Totally COOL!!! I've never seen cards like this - ever! What a great find.

Sherrie said…
I just stumbled onto your blog. I love buttons. I have lots of buttons I have collected over the years. My Great Aunt's , my mom's and some of my own. Your card buttons are beautiful! I think I would like to join in on your Button Floozy if I may. Take Care!!

Nola said…
Those are fantastic. The cards are even more precious than the buttons. HAHA, I love it that I'm not the only "blind" one out there; sometimes I can't see even with my glasses. If you hadn't mentioned the card bein upside down, I'd never have noticed. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!
Debbie Doughty said…
Daughters are a blessing! The cards are great! Buttons too, lol. I've never seen movie star buttons! I thought you had made them at first.
Autumn said…
The movie star buttons are a first for me too! Aren't they fun???

I am looking for just the right glass jar to display these in. Some of the cards are quite brittle and will fall apart if handled too much.

I think you just email Abbie on the JOIN link to join the group here! Please do join- it's loads of fun to share!!!!