Beutron Buttons (Australia)

Here are a small collection of children's
buttons on cards made by Beutron in the
1950's and 60's.

There were six different designs of cards
issued - owl, cowboy, teddy bear, girl,
baby and cat.

This is a closeup of an advertisement which
appeared in the Australian Home Journal
magazines during the 1950's.

The children were able to collect the cards and
paste them into a nursery story and painting book
available free from G. Herring in New South Wales.
(I would love to find one of these books!)

Beutron in Australia were a very large
company producing buttons for all the

About me - I am thrilled to be able to join
the Button Floozies group. I am an Aussie and
I collect all things to do with sewing, knitting and
crochet, and because of the collections, we had
to find a bigger house - so we are currently
in moving house mode!
I have many old buttons both loose and on
cards, but I prefer the carded buttons because
I love the graphics designs on many of them.



Absolutely wonderful!! Only in Australia.........(big) sigh!
Anonymous said…
Those are really sweet!
Autumn said…
What adorable cards & buttons!!!
Bev said…
Welcome and thanks for sharing such rare buttons! I can't believe you even had an advertisement for them! You will definitely love it here.
Stacey said…
Love the cards- Esp the owls! I've never seen ones like this:)
What a great collection.
Sherrie said…
Wonderful collection!!! Love the graphics they used on the cards! Take Care!!

LiLi M. said…
Whow I love love love these! That merry go round...sigh..Welcome here at button floozies and thanks for sharing! Since I am a button floozy I have a digital collection of buttons too and guess what? I just put your button cards into it! Just let us know when you discover a shop still having these, selling them to you at bottom prices (because they think the buttons are old fashioned) and because you would have too many you would sell! (I'm a bit of a dreamer!).
Thanks lilli m! .... I am a dreamer too! O! to find an old warehouse hiding in the depths of the city streets and discovering dusty boxes of excess stock of these button cards ..... or to stumble across small country town haberdashery shop still run by an 88 plus year old dear sweet lady with lots of lovely vintage buttons and old sewing accessories and notions and laces and.... she would sell it all to me at a cheap, cheap price, and I would be going weak at the knees and almost have tears in my eyes and trembling from head to foot when paying for them ..... I told you I was a dreamer too!
Like you I also have a digital collection of buttons!
Jenny said…
Thank you so much for sharing! I love the cowboy ones!!
Vicki Chrisman said…
Oh my gosh.. I've never seen anything like these! SO CUTE!
Hi ~
These cards are the BEST!