Who would have thought that a simple button would be the inspiration for another blog! It seems we all love buttons and have a stash somewhere that we keep for a rainy day. And if buttons are for rainy days here is my rainbow. These are my grandmothers buttons, the ones I "inherited" when she passed. Just like grandma, there is nothing fancy or glam about them, they are just simple little buttons gathered and collected with care, used to embellish the clothes that she sewed for all of us ganddaughters out of bright feedsacks. Funny how the love of buttons seems to go way back to our grandmothers and even great grandmothers time! There must be something about buttons that just appeals to women of every time! I look forward to seeing what kinds of fun things everyone on this blog comes up with for using their buttons. Here is a picture that I clipped from a magazine years ago. Talk about inspiration! Can you imagine this womans stash if she can use her buttons so lavishly?I don't know if I can be that free with mine, especially my grandmothers. They have a lot of sentimental value to me and buttons can be expensive and hard to find. If I can bear to use some, I will share it here. I have a few ideas and I will be keeping my eyes open at estate sales for the next perfect stash:>) Stay tuned, we're going to have fun!


Rosie's Whimsy said…
What wonderful pictures! Now they are inspirational.....but I will have to collect a lot more buttons before I start that project....yes!!! Rosie
Sherry said…
This is wonderful inspiration...parting with special buttons is unheard of -- I'd have to get a special batch just for projects like this -- but there is no doubt they really "make" a project become a work of art.

Lots of ideas here!
Abbie said…
Oh! I love the rainbow of colors! So fresh and wonderful!
It is very hard to use the special ones isn't it? They almost need a place of honor, they are just so beautiful, perhaps sticked to a simple piece of muslin and hung.. I love the way the artist used the buttons in art. It is beautiful!
Thank you Kathy for the rainbow!
Carolyn said…
Hi Kathleen !

I think it does go back a generation or two with the fascination for buttons .We live in an easy throw away society , not thinking to reuse more , and back then , they were more frugle , and had to save money some how . Which is getting like it is now , with our bad economy !

And seen as though you said you loved the rectangle MOP button , you have first take on it ! I can bear to part with one at least for now !
Wow. Who knew a dish full of buttons could look SO pretty! :)