Good Morning and Happy Sunday!!
I'm so happy to have become a Button Floozie - okay, I'm out of the button closet - LOL!! My name is Erin and I love to collect buttons. Some of my favorites are the very pale pink ones and the pretty white ones. I really love the clear faceted buttons too and the way they catch the sunlight. Ooohh, and I love the buttons with pretty painted roses and flowers on them. Okay, okay, so I love them all. I can't help it! I like to use some of them in craft projects and I also like to put them in pretty dishes around the house. I have a cute little frame that I embellished with buttons just recently. I'll put the how-to directions on another post in a day or two!
Thanks for having me on board!


Carolyn said…
Welcome Erin !!

Lovely photos ! I love the white flowery one in the bottom pic , and i have just found some clear cut plastic ones , photos to follow !
Rosie's Whimsy said…
Beautiful Buttons...........love the clear faceted ones.

:-) Rosie
Abbie said…
Hi Erin!
Welcome fellow floozie! ♥ I just love the clear crystal/glass buttons too! They are so sparkly! Lovely images!
Thank you!
Can't wait to see the frame project!
Kathleen Grace said…
Welcome to the floozies:>) Gorgeous buttons!
Sherry said…
Erin!! I'm so glad I found you; then you found me; then you found button floozies!! No such thing as coincidence...just something that was mean to be!!! Glad to see you here!!
leavesofgreen said…
After stumbling across your site last night, I dug out some of my hundreds of buttons today and spent the day playing with them. Thanks for reminding me how much I love them.
Susan said…
Welcome, Erin. Your photos are lovely.
Anonymous said…
You have some very pretty buttons!