Linkie Buttons

Hi Fellow Floozies! ;)
I have been working on a small link buttons.. they are posted here so you may grab it and put it on your blog/site if you wish. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to embed the html code on our blog sidebar so you can copy and paste the code, allowing for the image to link back here. I have some great resources for HTML code on the web, but if anyone has any ideas let me know. Also, if you would like to add pics to the sidebar, text or links, please let me now! I'd be glad to add whatever you would like.. This is OUR site, not just mine!
Have a fabulous day!
(***Attention all closet floozies!! If you would like the buttons grab 'em and post 'em!***)


Loving all the button goodness...
Carolyn said…
You know much more than me Abbie - on the HTML , but i`ll have a think about some pics for us all !
Anonymous said…
Hi Abbie
Love to be a Floozie of anykind....
I submitted a request to join, just sign me up....I am ready...
Unknown said…
I found you through Kathy's Cottage, and although I do not collect buttons, I have found a few I love. My sister knits so, she introduced me to the intricate designs on so many that she put on our sweaters that she knit. I love this blog, and your lovely eye candy. Karen
MeMeMe said…
Hi Abbie, happy new blog!
Thank you for leaving some reassuring words for me the other day. Today's spelling is not as bad.

Wishing you button success.

Sherry said…
Thanks for the badges Abbie!!
Thank you for the cute links...I'm going to post one of them on my blog!