Hello, fellow floozies

And thanks, Abbie, for inviting me to join in. I’ve always been one to collect and sort things (I use to arrange my M&Ms into rows by color before I ate them) but I became fascinated with buttons when I was about 8 or 9, after reading a book in which the main character had a button box. I began keeping an eye out for wayward buttons and started a button collection of my own.
My collection now is not a fancy one. It’s made up of buttons I’ve inherited from my grandmother and great-aunt, extras that come with sweaters and shirts, leftovers from projects, ones bought for no particular reason, and those found here and there.

My favorite buttons right now are these:
Recently my two children and I were in an art store and found big tubs of buttons hand carved in Nepal. I offered to buy one for each of us. My son chose the black and white one, my daughter chose the one that has a flower or leaves on it, and I chose the one with the dots because the sun had finally come out after many gloomy days and this button looked cheerful to me. Then my daughter bought the heart-shaped one for me. My two buttons sit on the shelf over my sewing table—I’m not yet ready to add them to the general collection.


I just found your blog through Pat on Mille Fiori Favoriti. What a fun blog you have! But now for a confession... I think I too am a button floozie! I have jars of buttons in my basement sewing room. I have favorite buttons in my antique sewing machine drawer. I have buttons in a box in my closet. I'm not able to even throw away the extra button for a garment after I've donated it to Goodwill! Does that make me a button floozie too?
Sherry (Edie Marie's Attic)
Kathleen Grace said…
You do that with your M&M's too!? Must be a button floozir thing:>) Love your buttons!
Abbie said…
Hi Susan!
Oh, I think buttons are such a wondeful treasure! It is nice that your children want to share in the love of the hunt.. tiny memeories to keep and share!
Hi! What a great blog!!!

You know what? I have an empty mason jar just begging to be filled with what else? Buttons!
I love, love, love that wooden heart button.
Uh oh, now you have me wanting to collect something else...buttons! :)
I have loved reading all the posts here about these button collections. Made me smile at the end of a hard day!
Sherry said…
Susan, I don't think a button collection has to be fancy to be well loved -- some of the most ordinary buttons are the best.

I'm loving these ones you found that were made in Nepal..they're stunning!