My Yellow Contribution and a Fun Button Project

Good Morning! Here are my yellows - I don't seem to have many either! That's just going to entice me to be on the hunt for yellows now!
Remember the frame project that I promised to post? Well, here it is. Fun to do and quick too!
First, you want to find a cheap frame to work with. I found this one at the dollar store.Then, go through your button stash and sort the ones you'd like to use. I used all white buttons but you can use whatever you like.
Next, you'll want to paint your frame to coordinate with the button color you choose. I just used a can of spray paint from Wal-Mart. Then, get out that glue gun and start gluin'!!
Voila!! A cute little button frame. I used a page from an old book to mount my picture on, slipped it into the frame and there you have it - instant cuteness!!
Have fun!!

xo, Erin


Rosie's Whimsy said…
That is so very pretty! I love projects like that....things I can sit down and do in the evening that's calming and beautiful to see develop. Thanks! :-) Rosie
Abbie said…
Hi Erin!
Oh, it's lovely! Thank you! I love the white buttons, but it would also be nice in all blacks too! Or a black and white checkered pattern! Oh.. my mind is rollin'!
Thank you for sharing!
Sherry said…
Erin!!! You certainly aren't a rabbit (!!) but this frame is classy and a joy to look at -- and so easy to do! Thanks for sharing!!
Ally Jay said…
I think I might give your project a try at Rangers tonight. I take some piccies if we get round to it.
Kathleen Grace said…
Wonderful project, thanks so much for sharing the how-to's:>)
Susan said…
Thanks for showing us your project, Erin. I've been thinking of doing something like this with a bulletin board to hang over my sewing table.
Carolyn said…
A gorgeaous photo frame you made Erin !
May have to invest in a glue gun !

I have something in mind to post pretty soon too !
Anonymous said…
What a pretty frame and such an easy project. Love the color of this one as well.
Anonymous said…
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