Some Of My Buttons By RhondaMum...

Hello to all of my fellow lovers of buttons. I am so happy to be a part of this group and a big thanks to Abbie for bringing us all together.

Below is a slide show of some of my recent finds. I love to think of all of the stories one button could "tell". I just did a post about some other buttons I came across on my blog and will soon be adding some closer pics of some of my finds that have struck my curiosity.

I had a good giggle when Abbie invited me to the group. I knew I loved buttons, but didn't realize how many hundreds I had until I was gathering them together for photos.

I would love to learn how to make button flowers as well as button icicles. I am sure many of you have read Abbie's blog about just that. She does a phenomenal job. And like her icicles, mother of pearl buttons are my favorite. I would love to have a claw foot tub full to just lay in and read my current Somerset Magazine. Know what I mean?

I know I saw some pictures where one blogger created these beautiful images with buttons. What do you all think about making up some button challenges, or posting pics of things that you have made with your buttons? I would love to do more with mine then to just keep them in jars to look at. I want to learn to play with my treasures more.

I will quit babbling, for now anyway. And now, for your feature presentation brought to you from ThreadLine Productions (okay, made that up)...

How Many Stories Can One Button Hold


Abbie said…
Hi Rhonda!
What a fabulous collection of buttons! the large shell buttons are my favorite! You can make enormous icicles!

Sherry said…
Doing a project using buttons and then swapping would be fun...any ideas?
Carolyn said…
Hi R....
Wondered when you were gonna post !!

Love all your buttons too - esp the fabric flower one and mop too !