My little bit of yellow

I don't have many yellow buttons either--the only color I have fewer of is green--but I do have a butterfly! And a few turtles! It's a dreary day here, so even this little bit of yellow brightens things up.


Abbie said…
Oooo.. the little turtles are adorable! Thank you for the sunshine!
My thoughts exactly Abbie! The first thing that came to mind when I saw Susan's button picture was "Ooohhh I love the little turtles" Cute buttons!!

Sherry said…
I feel so bereft having no yellow but at least I get to look at everyone else's yellow...I'm totally into that yellow butterfly (Carolyn knows about me and butterflies!!!).
Carolyn said…
I knew Sherry would love the butterfly one !!
The turtle ones are cuties too !