More Pretty Buttons!!

Thank you all for your warm welcome and sweet comments! I just love this blog!!
I had to share these buttons I found yesterday. I saw them for the first time at Wal-Mart a couple of months ago and then when I was there yeterday, I saw them again - only this time, they were all on clearance. I couldn't resist!! I have to think of something fun to do with them. Any suggestions? Have a wonderful evening everyone!
xo, Erin


Rosie's Whimsy said…
Oh what fun! I feel a trip to WalMart coming on :-) Rosie
Sherry said…
Erin, these are delightful!! I see photoframes done for children..I see children's birthday cards with a button added, or party invitations...lots of possibilities!
Carolyn said…
A " princess " birthday card with the crown , or snip the shank off for a crown on an ATC card ?
Theme of i love shopping for clothes , and a love themed item ??
Abbie said…
oh! I think those are just charming! I love the little hearts made from roses!
thank you!
Sandra Evertson said…
Those are Darling!
Sandra Evertson