Button Bonus!

I had a chance to go to the Beach area of Toronto this afternoon -- it's a beautiful sunny day, the first "real" day of spring weather we've had..and I couldn't believe the number of people out without coats and young people in shorts!! I mean, it was only 52 degrees folks, and it's chilly with the wind from the lake!! But compared to what we've been having, it's practically tropical!!

Anyway, at my favourite scrapbooking store, I bought some beautiful papers and I found this box by Making Memories, called "5th Avenue Blossoms and Buttons" and I just ♥ the buttons -- the floral blossoms are fine, but it's the sizes, shapes and colours of the buttons I love...I can't wait to use these for something!!

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry (I was trying to eliminate the "shine") -- but you get the idea (and this is only some of the 100 buttons in the box!)


Abbie said…
Hi Sherry!
What lovely buttons! I have been hankering for the blues and greys that are all over the magazines right now.. seeems everybody is doing the seaside, ocean thing. Love it!
thank you for sharing!
Rosie's Whimsy said…
I love that one with the leaves on it! Great button score :-)
Susan said…
Very nice. I love the colours.
Love these buttons and the cute projects too!!
I like buttons and also old belt
buckles. I collect them when I find them. Buttons are truly the jewelry of clothing. My favs are
the shell MOP & abalone. And the
pierced MOP buttons! I hope you
stop by my costume jewelry blog
where I am adding your linkie
on my sidebar! Jewelgirl
Carolyn said…
lovely springy colours !
I too love the one with the white leaves on !
Can`t wait to see what you use them on !