Another great find!!!!!

O.K. - Last post I said buttons were fairly rare to find around here- but this weekend my daughter and I stumbled onto a Garage Sale and found a bag full of buttons.

Actually I found this little darning egg and asked the lady if there any other old sewing things, like buttons. She said "Yes- I just didn't think anyone would be interested- I have a bag of buttons , if you'd like to see them".

They are just wonderful- lots of variety!!


Leaon Mary said…
Well, I would have been dancing for joy to find those at a yard sale!
what a FIND!
I sometimes feel I'm the last person on earth who knows what a darning egg even is. Yours is great--looks like it had a lot of use. Great buttons too, of course!
Kudzu said…
Wow, cool find. I know what a darning egg is, we had a blue and white one to mend socks on when I was little,lol! I like that little chamber pot in the pic,too.
Sherrie said…
Great find! Love looking through other people's buttons. You find some interesting things! Take Care!!

Wow! I know how exciting it is to find great things like these! It certainly pays to ask!!
Debbie Doughty said…
Wow! I'm gonna start asking! I thought EVERYONE knew how sought after buttons are :)
Sandra Evertson said…
Love the pink wooden mender!
Oh what a great surprize for you! And what a great variety of them..I always get all giddy when I run across buttons in this way..not expecting it. Thanks for sharing!

Queen of Dreamsz