Buttons in a Mustard Jar

I recently found this jar of buttons at a church yard sale. The little jar was filled to the top with a variety of buttons. I dumped them out on a plate to see what was inside. There were many different buttons.
You gotta love these yard sale finds! 

Thanks for Looking!


Lelia said…
Good Find! thx for sharing
Cathy said…
Wow, great blog! I just love looking at all of the goodies!
Great find! They are wonderful!
Naomi said…

I love the pastel pink, green and turquoise buttons. It's so fascinating to look at all of them. I love buttons! Thanks for showing your great find.
Pallas said…
That WAS a great find! A girl can never have too many buttons.
Laurie said…
Oh gosh, I'm drooling. My favorites are the colorful buffed plastic ones! That is a jar I wouldn't have been able to leave behind, either -- much better than the usual! Great score!
Thanks for commenting, ladies!
CraftyHope said…
Lovely find! I still remember that first jar of buttons I brought home from a yard sale. It was pure bliss. Enjoy yours! :)