My favorite buttons for National Button Week - #1

As promised, I am going to celebrate National Button Week by sharing some of my favorite buttons with you.  This one is definitely in my top ten: it's a hand made artisan button.  The artist used an original fashion illustration and mounted it into a button, using composite to enhance the button's background.
Button collectors always want to see the back of the button -- so here is this one, with the artist's signature, date of the illustration used, and the date it was made -- 1967.

Show me your favorite buttons, too, this week!  Even if we've seen it before on the blog, it was probably long ago...I know I'd like another look!


I love this too! It has so much character, and history in one little button!!
Laurie said…
The artist who made it is after my own heart -- to think they just poured their creativity into such a thing as a button! Why don't I take the time to do that?!