My button collection, part 1

Someday I want to have one of these to use for button storage:
Until the time that I (a) find one and (b) can afford it, I will have to make do with this:
It's a jewelry cabinet I bought at an antique store last month; it's vintage, certainly not antique.  I can't wait to change out the hardware, which I think is horribly ugly!
I have just finished filling it with some of my favorite buttons -- the ones I'd like to keep, vs. the supply I keep in jars to use in my crafts.  Here's part of it:
In the top section, I keep the faux jewel and paste plastic buttons in an old watch box;
in the compartment on the right, my most bling-y buttons, and then some that aren't so blingy but are still my favorites.
This divided box holds my glass buttons;
besides these, I have a couple of large "trays" full of different colored and black glass buttons that I mounted for display.
I have a lot more glass buttons than I thought I did -- sorting through these was an eye-opening experience!
Just a few fun Bakelite and other vintage plastic buttons in this drawer (above).
Large wafers, and other, mostly-celluloid buttons
On the bottom left, some fancy buttons; on the right, woven and very old fabric buttons, including black velvet and some that might even be made from woven hair
This drawer has a variety of plastic and celluloid buttons, including some of my favorite "tight tops" on the bottom, and some composition buttons in those top sections.
Some of the buttons on the bottom right are called "extruded" for their pasta-like shapes;
there are also buttons made from mah jong game pieces, and some that are just really interesting plastic shapes.
And then there is this unsorted drawer full of metal buttons.
I need to whittle this portion of the collection down...but, how?
In an earlier post, I showed you some of my mother of pearl buttons that I keep in a separate, vintage jewelry box:
Next time, I'll photograph some of my button "trays" and vintage, carded buttons!
So, stay tuned for part 2!
Floozies, I'd love to see YOUR collection;
please do share!


Unknown said…
Love the buttons Laurie and oh I love that dental cabinet, Wowza! What a beauty I would love one too!
Love those Mother of Pearl, my favorite, to die for, lol
Hugs and have a great weekend!
I Collect buttons, but display them in glass jars and tins. I like the organized way that you are showing here! So CooL!!!
Please check out my Blog at:
Createology said…
I have never seen this antique dental cabinet but now I WANT one! Your jewelry cabinet is wonderful for buttons. Fabulous collection. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...
kathyinozarks said…
I collect buttons too and love them all. you have beautiful collection
Anne said…
Oh, my goodness, Laurie, what a fabulous collection! I love that dental cabinet, but yours is great, too! I used to play and play with my great-aunt's buttons...she sewed for several ladies and had an amazing amount, ones left over from dresses she made(she knew that if they did happen to lose one, they would come to her for another to be sewn on, anyway!) Oh, I had such fun!
Beautiful, beautiful post!
Thank you so much for visiting me as always, my Dear, and for all your sweet comments!
Linda said…
oh to be that organized
Bigbluebed said…
Lovely buttons! I had a lovely time looking at them - not quite the same as going through them in real life , but still good. And oh for that storage!!

Dorthe said…
The cabinet is fantastic, and OHHHH LOVE the buttons.
Kathy said…
I love seeing your collection. That antique dental cabinet gives us all something to aspire to. My gosh, that would be fun to have!

I would love to touch and feel and dig through all your buttons . LOL

And I hope you find a dental cabinet for your buttons , I have never seen one like that , and I have been to a lot of antique malls
Pearl Maple said…
Wow that is quite a collection you have, so many beautiful styles and designs to admire! Drool...*slurp*. This is serious eye candy. ; )
I never thought to use a jewelry chest for button storage, but I think that is a great idea. I am going to keep my eyes open for a nice one. Thanks for sharing. I do love the dental cabinet - it is a gorgeous piece of furniture.
Amy said…
I just found your blog.I love buttons but dont collect them.I am enjoying watching you create with them.
Unknown said…
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