Button Art

I like Pinterest, but have to admit that I do not keep up with it very well. 
Last week I thought I should put in an appearance, so went searching 
for button pics to put on my Brilliant Buttons board. 
Coming across this photo...

...I was intrigued enough to follow the path to the website.

I was amazed at what I found.
She is a button artist, book artist, sewing artist, and a teacher/writer.

Here is a close-up of one of her works:

Curious as to what it is? Follow the link above and click on "Button Works" and then "Button Works One."


Denise said…
Thanks for the notice of a new (to me)button lady :).Never enough buttons.
Lesa said…
Amazing work! Thanks for pointing us in her direction.
Unknown said…
Will return to visit her. Wanted to say hi to you.
Thanks for this post..I will look her up!!!!
This will be shared with my ART Students this week.
Kathy said…
Her work is amazing! It reminds me of "memory jars". Thank you for sharing this.
I love her works with buttons! but you knew that! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I love it , anything with buttons on it is wonderful.
Interesting how the string or wire connects the buttons
Even though I have the clock works piece on my Pinterest page, I never noticed the face pattern in it until I saw it here in the thumbnail of the slideshow . . . fascinating. I love her work and her artist statement.