Farewell, Barbara

You may have known her as Bunty, Vintage Bunty, Bunty Barmcakes, or simply Barbara.  Perhaps you saw her work on the pages of Somerset magazines, swapped with her, or took an online class with her.  However you knew her, or whatever you called her, she was an Artist, Blogger, Button Floozie...and Friend.
photo by Barbara, courtesy of her blog Vintage Bunty
I first "met" Barbara online when she visited my blog during a large blogging event called One World, One Heart in 2010.  The name of the event was prophetic, as it put me in touch a member of my "tribe" that lived all the way across the pond in Oxford, England.  She responded to the first comment I left on her blog with these words:

I wanted to say thank you for leaving such a nice comment and  I hope we will get to know each other through the blog world.
And so we did.  Barbara and I loved so many of the same things: buttons, lace, mixed media art, vintage fabrics...and creating.  Her blog is still up for the time being, so you can see first hand some of the beautiful works she created. 
an example of Barbara's handwork
In addition to working with fabric, textiles, and paper, she was a gifted photographer.  I always looked forward to the beautiful photos she would post whenever she and her husband, Paul, took weekend jaunts or day trips to the beautiful countryside where she lived.
in Cornwall, photo by Barbara, courtesy of her blog Vintage Bunty
She also took the time to create digital media and she sold it on Etsy.
Then, with the help of her husband, she opened up her own shop online -- different from her Etsy shop!  How many of us are feisty enough to do that?  Well, Barbara was.
some beautiful-ness from her online store
Once, when I showed some button shopping finds on my blog Barbara commented on how lucky I was to have such bounty to discover, and lament that they didn't in her neck of the woods.  So I went to town making her a package and sending it off.  Here's what it looked like:

Barbara's joy at receiving it is one of my happiest bloggy memories.
Barbara and I gushed to each other in emails about wanting to become Button Floozies authors, and then shortly after we got to know each other a few spots opened up!  So, we began our time at this blog together; here is her first Button Floozies post.
photo by Barbara, courtesy of her blog Vintage Bunty
We exchanged gift surprises over the years; here is what she sent me one of those times.
I've always cherished it; so much more, though, now.
She began a battle with ovarian cancer 21 months ago, and it was to that heinous disease that we lost her.
I realize now that I never saw a photo of Barbara "in real life" -- she was modest that way.  But I have a picture of her that comes to mind when I think of her.  It looks something like this...
I'll miss her.  When I think of her now, I will see her whipping up something beautiful from moonbeams and the silver linings of clouds, all dotted with choice, carved mother of pearl buttons.  Farewell, dear Barbara!


Jane said…
Oh, that awful ovarian cancer! It's so hard and sad to lose a friend! Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute. I'm going to look at Barbara's blog.
Unknown said…
Oh Laurie what a beautiful tribute to your friend. Her work you showed is so beautiful. For sure, ovarian cancer is such an insidious thing. Usually so far along when found it is too late. My prayers for all her friends and family. One precious life lost is a lose to us all. Our woman hearts are always so close. Blessings
I am sending you a special hug and prayers ...losing a friend is always difficult. I wish you peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Denise said…
Wonderful sweet tribute to your dear friend.Amazing how were all making such wonderful new friends in this strange world of computers.I'm so sorry about your loss.Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage
autena said…
The loveliest of tributes...
Sami said…
A lovely tribute to your friend. My condolences to the family.
A lovely tribute to a faraway friend, she sounds like a special person. Pam x
Patricia said…
Such a loving tribute to your friend. Thank you for sharing.

It is so sad to loose someone we feel so connected to.

Barbara sound like such a beautiful lady and so are also for letting us know about her death from this dreadful ovarian cancer
DeeDee said…
Sending hugs Laurie.. I am so glad he posted that for her followers.. sometimes I wonder what happens to my online friends....I hope he leaves her blog or takes it over as he writes so beautiful.... know you are in my thoughts today...
GardenOfDaisies said…
So sorry you have lost your friend. Her work and blog were inspiring. I am looking forward to the year when women no longer have to die from this disease. A cure needs to be found and fast.
maggie said…
Oh laurie,
I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. I hope that all of those lovely memories will sustain you and help to heal your heart.
God Bless
Linda said…
My heartfelt sadness goes out to you on the loss of a great friend. Smile when you think of her and the lovely creations she shared with you.
Dorthe said…
What beautiful memories, and words ---a beautiful goodbye to your friend.
I lost a sister and some good friends to cancer, as well ,and know how sad you are.
Hugs, Dorthe
Pallas said…
You have written nice memories of Barbara. I saw the tribute her husband wrote on her blog, and it made me cry. I know he must be so very sad.