Did anyone attend the National Button Society Annual Show in Portland this month?  I didn't, but have seen some marvelous photos from it, and would love to hear more from anyone that was there!
I love to sort my button finds in these old, divided dishes.  Above, the contents of a $1 button jar that I bought at the Mile Hi Flea Market in Denver, yesterday.  Nothing rare or exciting, but it was worth $1 to me for the fun of sorting through it!
The silver toned button bracelet/cuff is a little treasure I found from a different vendor at the same flea market.  It's a crocheted band that's complete covered by buttons -- and I love it!  It set me back $2.50, and is sitting on a piece of quirky old fabric that I asked the guy to throw in!

How about you?  Show me your recent button finds!


Kathy said…
Oh Laurie, that little bracelet is SWEET! I scored an unusual tin of buttons recently and just finished blogging about it. I hope you or some of the other readers can educate me on some I have never seen before.
Sadly, I did not get to the button convention. It was open to the public on Friday and Saturday. Friday afternoon we had a wedding to attend and I forgot all about it on Saturday. 8+(
I wish you could get some of these button events into the Midwest...I love buttons! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Cute buttons in that divided glass dish, especially the red hexagonal one.
autena said…
Wish I could've been there--what fun! That cuff is such a great find--love it!
Pearl Maple said…
lovely collections and fabulous finds, i owe you a long email full of the news and travel adventures, how is your OLW project?
Jeannie Marie said…
My grandmother had that very same divided dish in the aluminum holder. Ahhhh nostalgia! What a great place to store buttons!