Button Sports

Hooray, the Olympics are finally here!

The Olympics and sewing buttons...  No relationship particularly, but when I tried to find a connection between the Olympics and vintage, so that I could write a blog post, what came to mind were buttons (imagine that!). Guess it could've been about vintage postcards or medals or, I don't know, maybe swimsuits?
 No, no, none of that; buttons it would be.

So I did an Internet search and here is what I came up with.

Downhill Skiing

Stonehill Collectibles


It is a lot easier to find the pin-back or badge type of sports button
than it is to find these vintage sewing buttons.

Discus Throwing


Fishing (what an oldie this is!)

Colchester Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting

 Now, fishing and golf are not Olympic sports,
but there are probably many folks who wish they were!


TwinkleToes2day said…
What fabulous finds!! :0)
Oh my goodness those are wonderful!! Who would have thought one could think about Olympic Buttons? How creative.
Pollyanna said…
What a fun post!! Love the buttons, who woulda though!?!
Lynn Holland said…
Absolutely brilliant. Well done.
Kathy said…
This is an inspired post - perfect! I am not a golfer but love that type of button. Do you know if they have a name??
autena said…
I don't know the name, but I'm sure someone here most likely does! They are really cool!
Thank you for all the delicious buttons. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart