Mystery button

Fellow Floozie Kathy has found some mysterious buttons among her most recent button tin purchase.  Does anyone know what they could be?
This is how Kathy describes them:  They feel like some sort of composite material and seem to be molded around a metal shank.  You can see the backside of one in the center at the very bottom.  Those N or Z shapes are sparkly and there are sparkles in the art deco fans.

Comment if you have a clue!


I have no idea but they are quite intriguing. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Kathy said…
Laurie, thanks so much for posting this. I am really hoping someone can shed a clue!!
Jeannie Marie said…
I've never seen any even similar to these. Anxiously awaiting enlightenment.
are you asking if they are made out of a certain plastic ? I am going to go get my button book out and see if any are in there

I just love finding new buttons for us all to investiate

be sure and post if you find out if the came off off a old movie stars outfit in a certain movie LOL