Tami's buttons: a world class treat!

It is always fun when you find your so-called "tribe" -- for me, those people are, of course, button floozies!  You may recall I recently took a trip to Kansas City and enjoyed the hospitality of Tami, and she is, among other things, a world-class button collector!
Tami graciously allowed me to photograph -- and gave me permission to share with you -- some of her collection.  Thank you, Tami!
First, let me say that she has her buttons impeccably stored/arranged/displayed.
Because of this -- the enjoyment of her button collection is multiplied!
There is an office/room devoted to her collection, the likes of which most of us can only DREAM of having!
An antique-lover, she has some beautiful vessels in which to display some of her prized buttons.
In the middle of this bowl (above) is a shell that was used to create some buttons -- isn't that a fun visual piece?
Beautiful button art pieces...
and something fun and whimsical everywhere you turn!

 Mother/daughter buttons
China buttons, made into faces
 a lovely tabletop vignette
I am SO going to be on the lookout for these vintage note cards!
Are you swooning yet?
How about now?

This button case (above) was in the bedroom I was sleeping in...under glass.

Pure, unabashed BUTTON JOY!
Thank you so much, Tami, for sharing your beautiful collection with us!


autena said…
You definitely have a soul-mate in Tami! Thanks for sharing these amazing pix.
Jane said…
Wow, what an amazing collection! Can't pick just one photo, but the cat button really calls my name!
Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Wow a long way off for me, but something to strive towards. Enjoyed doing the Christmas ornaments now ready to be mailed.
delicious...good enough to eat...I can not stop drooling! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Kathy said…
Those note cards are adorable! And the shell with the cut out buttons is a true treasure. Beautiful button collection and beautifully displayed. Thank you so much for sharing your collection. I'm so inspired to display some of my treasure.
Tami Hacker said…
You are so welcome Laurie, thanks for wanting to share my buttons with others. I have been collecting buttons since 1996 and have cherished memories of my button adventures.
Wow! That's the most extensive - and lovely - collection I've ever seen. Thank you Tami, and Laurie, for sharing!
Kathy said…
What a collection and the displays are just inspired. Love love love!!
Oh my goodness what an awesome collection!!
You can see the love and appreciation she puts into her collection.

I am sure every button is happy to be there!

Lorraine xxx
Laurie and Tami thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Tami where in KC is the shop located?
Linda said…
beautiful buttons-such variety and color and the displays, fun to see. i don't know anything about buttons but could appreciate the beauty and the artistry. and the displays-well done and creative.
Jeannie Marie said…
What pure enjoyment scrolling though the button pictures! I particularly liked the box with the thin drawers to store them and the button notes.
chateau chic said…
Wow, Tami has so many gorgeous and amazing buttons! Love her creativity with them and how she has them displayed so beautifully.
I'm a new follower and thanks for stopping by!
Mary Alice
momto8blog said…
you guys much be instant friends...