A Button Charm Swap Bracelet

Hi Button Floozies,
I haven't posted here in a while...you know how life gets.  And with my sickness of crafting, my time is everywhere....charms, jewelry, paper, buttons, blogs, groups, etc. there just isn't enough time. I've visited often though.

Recently in one of my groups, ArtCharms (a yahoo group), we had a swap of charms made of buttons.  With this swap, one of the participants, Cris Peacock, made a bracelet with all the charms she received.

I asked her permission to show you guys the awesome bracelet she made.  Visit her blog for more detailed instructions.

Base of the button bracelet.
Bracelet with all the swapped button charms attached.
Another view.
I hope you enjoyed her bracelets and stop by to say hello. 

You know we all have a little Button Floozie in all of us!! *wink*

Have a great week!
Bev B.


Linda said…
It is a very attractive bracelet and such a nice momento of the exchange.
Laurie said…
OH I love it! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us! I love projects among friends like that!
helena frontini said…
Really beautiful.
Nice week to you too.
Purly Wendy said…
What a great idea! I love it!
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! You just make me happy! Peace, Mary Helen
http://lamadrigueradesylvannas.blogspot.com said…
Amazing! I do love the bracelet, it´s really original.

Hope said…
Now that is a great idea...what a geat momento!
autena said…
I think it's adorable--really like it! Thanks for posting this.
Define awesome? It's actually that bracelet. She did a good job on that accessory. Thanks for allowing readers to see how lovely her crafts are.