Button Tree Pin

Last year I found instructions on making a Christmas tree pin with small shank buttons and wire. I made some and sold most of them at a neighborhood craft show. then forgot about them until this holiday season started to roll around. I searched everywhere for the directions--on the web, in my bookmarks, in my magazines--to no avail. So they were created from memory and are for sale in my Etsy shop, autena.

They are rather abstract and I have used some non-traditional holiday colors, like aqua and peach.

For the top of the tree, only rhinestones or mother of pearl would do, except for one that has a gold crown on a red button!

Now you'll never guess what happened--or maybe you will. I was looking through my documents on the computer for something else as I wrote this and, sure enough came upon the directions! Wouldn't you know it? But that's great because now I can share them also. 
 I dare not reprint them without permission, but will give out the link to the download ($1.95).

They were in the December, 2000 issue of Bead and Button magazine.


Attic Clutter said…
Love..love the button trees(:)
Laurie said…
Oh, thank you Megan! They are very cute and I love the use of non-traditional colors, too! Fun!
Kathy said…
Laurie, I do not know how you manage to part with those pretty buttons!
Carla said…
I love Button
Your Blog is So Cute,beautiful.
Kisses from Brasil
Bev said…
Very nice and simple looking would look nice on a lapel! Thanks for sharing!
Lynn Holland said…
What a fantastic idea, I love it
Dagmar said…
❤❤❤these are an amazing assortment of button!