Made in Japan

A few weeks ago, I was doing one of my favorite at an antique mall, of course!
 I came across several of these charming cloisonne enamel buttons. 

I wanted to buy all of the cards that were in this booth, but settled for three, as they were a bit costly. 
I thought they were unique and wanted to show them off.

As usual I decided to do a little research before writing about them, and found that they were not as unique as I had thought. 
I found some for sale in various places (Etsy, Ebay, etc).

But they are still fun and here they are.

You can see at the bottom of two of the cards that they were made in Japan 
and on one of them is the original price tag.

Despite my limited research, I was unable to find much information as to date or history, 
so if anyone can add more information to this, please feel free to do so.
I make jewelry using buttons and bought these with the idea of incorporating them, 
but I fear I am becoming too attached  to them (uh-oh, a new collection idea...).

Here's a close-up of the red one with the bamboo design. I forgot to take a photo of the backs, 
but they are goldtone with a shank. By the way, these are rather heavy for their size.

As a footnote,  I wanted to give out a couple of links that I came across 
that had interesting information on buttons. 
I believe they are both state button collector's pages.
Gotta love their motto! 
Buttons close clothes and open hearts.


These are so lovely to look at... I can only imagine what beautiful what a fantastic journey they will travel with you! Beautiful, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
ewenique said…
those are so pretty, I doubt I'd ever find a use for them. Except looking of course :-)
New/old buttons! How exciting! These are really pretty too. ; )
Laurie said…
I often start new collections that way!