My Fall in Love with Buttons 2012 Swap tin - sent and received

My partner, Tamra, and I have sent and received our tins in the Fall in Love with Buttons 2012 Swap!  Here's the one she made for me:
Isn't it lovely?  She decoupaged it in Fall shades of green and brown -- and just LOOK at the gorgeous selection of buttons she sent!
Here's a peek at the inside
and the bottom; she used buttons for feet!  Tamra also gifted me that hand made barrette made of buttons!  How sweet is that?  I don't have any button barrettes, so it is really special!
Here's the tin I made for Tamra.  I used fall themed papers, ribbons, and a bit of lace.  She said she liked vintage, like me, so I decorated the top with lace, vintage millinery flower pieces, and a very pretty old button.
Here's how I did the inside: very simple with papers and felt leaves.  Sitting next to it is a card of vintage orange buttons I included, tied to a Fall-themed tag.
Here's the bottom of the box, and, on the right, the front of that tag.
Here's a photo of the buttons I included in her Fall mix.
This was SUCH a fun swap!
To see more of the tins given and received, keep checking


Unknown said…
These are beautiful. This is a great way to see different buttons and learn what to look for when shopping to add to my collection.
Ah, I am speechless - I am addicted to buttons :)
GardenOfDaisies said…
That looks like it was a fun swap! So many lovely buttons!!
autena said…
So pretty! This swap was so much fun!. I' ll post the one I received in a couple of days.
Becs said…
Love the tins and all the amazing buttons! I got the most amazing tin full of buttons too. So much fun. Becs
Tee said…
Beautiful tins & buttons!
This is a lovely idea for a swap. Both tins are beautiful, as are the buttons inside them
Thanks for visiting my blog.
You can never have enough cats in my estimation, I would have loads more if I could afford it. I suppose like you I could say that I have 7 as I feed the stray Daddy (father of my 4 calicos) and the cat along the road comes in regularly for his saucer full. lol

Love what you do with buttons, I have quite a few buttons but somehow can't bear to use them as once used I haven't got them any more, Know what I mean?????

I know, I'm odd, but who cares. lol