Doing A Little Button Sleuthing...

 Hello, Button Floozies and afficionados!
I have a question for you today.
My friend, Denise sent me this photo along with the following information. 

"They are very heavy. The material almost looks like black onyx with faceted edges that are set in a heavy gold type metal. The edges are robbed like the sides of a quarter. They are " engraved " on the back side with "J. Brody". I've never seen anything like them. When I googled all I could find was a J.Brody vintage shirt maker." 

Perhaps one or more of you button experts might have more information that I can share with her about them. Thanks!

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Tami Hacker said…
Always difficult to determine material through a scan rather than handling the button itself.

From the scan, these buttons are probably heavy black glass, faceted edges set in brass; possibly 1950s ca.
Laurie said…
I'm with Tami -- based on the photo and your description of its weight, i would guess this is black glass that has been set in metal! They are pretty!
Thanks so much! I'll pass the information on to my friend, Denise.