Attention Canadian button lovers

I received this email yesterday:

The Official Button Lover's Group on Facebook is a public Group that any button enthusiast can join and is a place for people to ask questions, post their buttons, a button destash per month, and an all around super friendly atmosphere. It is a new group, I myself am not the founder of it, only a member but I started up the Canadian Travelling Button Box and thought we could get some more people to send the box around to through the Button Floozies :)
Please do come have a look and feel free to join!!
The Official Button Lovers Group:
Travelling Button Box info:
Thank you :) 
Dana Lang
Doesn't that Traveling Button Box sound like fun?  If someone from Button Floozies signs up -- especially Canadians -- and gives it a try, please let us know how it goes for you!


Unknown said…
Thank you for posting! There is an American one and New Zealand one starting as well, but the Canadian one has the least people :) Yay! I'm posting the first Canadian one off tomorrow to the next name on the list!
DeeDee said…
oh I hope they accept me I want to add to the traveling box.... thanks for posting this...