Could these be old button covers?

Calling all floozies!  I was wondering if you could look at these treasures I found and see if  the first picture might be button covers.  I am also including some cool buttons I found in a jar at the flea market for 10.00.  Yay I made a good purchase I am thinking!  If anyone could help me id the others I would be so happy! Thank you.


You can use the Pat. Number on the middle one to track down what they are. How interesting...YOu found some wonderful buttons!!!Thanks for sharing!!
They are all so beautiful. Lucky you!!
Tami Hacker said…
I agree, the shield-style are probably 1920s shoe button covers.

Not sure about the others without seeing how they hook on their backside.

Nice find!!
Gwyneth Depport said…
re top photo and the shield shaped buttons, I think I recognise the way of attachment from older service uniforms where they could be removed for cleaning and to transfer to new uniforms...?
Wow! What great finds you have made - LOVE the red, round, smooth button!