Bluebird of Happiness & Button Painting Tutorial

Spring is coming soon and I've been busy painting bluebirds (and birds of all colors) on my antique MOP buttons which I sell on my etsy shop...  Also I want to remind everyone I have a detailed tutorial on my blog on button painting.  It covers every step from the preparation to the finishing spray... and also covers supplies needed. If you are interested in painting on buttons check it out...  It's great fun...

Gerry Krueger


These little gems are so would be great to use them on an hand knit sweater or a collar embellishment! Lovely works. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Oh, these are adorable!!! I'll have to go check out that tutorial. Thank you! ; )
l.wilks11 said…
Beautiful Bluebird buttons....xx
Hi, I just visited your blog for the first time. It is so neat! I love all the things you are doing with buttons! I especially love these hand painted blue bird. Man.. just so pretty!
Whimcees said…

Love them! Wonderful creations! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane
Pallas said…
The bluebird buttons are sooo cute!