Hello, September

I bought these buttons at an antique store a couple of weeks ago; there were four of them but I gave away the "R" to a friend, and I got all four for 50 cents!  Not only is that a Button Bargain, but I think the remaining buttons have a message for us:
Here in Colorado we're expecting record high temperatures for September 1.  Therefore, I think the buttons are saying to me, Fall Will Come.

What about you?  Is there a message for you in these unique, wooden letter buttons?


I signed up for the swap but now I don't know how to make something for it.. give me some suggestions.
I've been sick and haven't felt like working on anything.. but hopefully things will be better soon.
Maurine Huffines
Angela Catirina said…
Those are ADORABLE! I love wood buttons!!....and glass buttons.....and clay buttons.....and shiny buttons.....and..... You know, they're jewelry & so worth the investment.
Indigo Blue said…
These were a good find.
How about
Fantastic Week Crafting!!

That will do me, have a good week.
Even so, come quickly Autumn -smile-. I am ready for cooler temps.
Usually, I visit your A Frayed of Fibers blog but scooting around your other blogs and enjoying myself.