Boo Button Halloween Pumpkin

Here's a fun way to use some of your black button stash for an unusual and cute Halloween decoration! We used an artificial pumpkin from Hobby Lobby so that we could keep and use this little pumpkin year after year!


I could drown in my black button collection. Fantastic idea for using some of them. xx
Mindy said…
I LOVE my buttons, but actually have a hard time using them for crafts. I don't like putting glue on them....:)

Do you recommend a glue that won't mar the buttons if I want to peel them off and use them again?

I was just imagining a row of little pumpkins spelling out WELCOME....thanks for the idea!
Jessica Rodarte said…
What an adorable project!
Laurie said…
I was just playing with my own black buttons last night and remembering how much I love them! This is the CUTEST little project! I think you could probably pin those buttons on through the holes if you didn't want to use glue!
Cindy Adkins said…
Love the idea! I love buttons!!
Bev said…
Laurie is right, MommaMindy. Use pins if you want to save the buttons for later. I like the idea of having the buttons saved on the artificial pumpkin. I would never use my "good" buttons on a project. I've been looking for fun ways to use buttons so that I can look at them instead of having them in containers and put away. Cheery wave from the shop! Bev
Lisa said…
What brand of pumpkin is this? I looked at Hobby Lobby and didn't find any that nice. All I found were funkins :(
I love this, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Also, just letting you know I featured this on my blog today. Come check it out & grab a button! :)