Tiny Books

I often post pictures on my home blog of my paper projects. I often use buttons as embellishments on these projects. Sometimes I forget to share them here. Shame on me! ;) I'm weeding though my posts now searching for those posts with buttons (there's lots of them!) and I will be posting them here for you to see.

I have made several tiny books lately. I can't get enough of them. Julie Collings is the originator of these tiny books. See my post here for way too much information on tiny books.

This is one of my tiny book collages (before it's copied and folded to make the tiny books):

I made this one for a tiny book swap hosted by Michelle Gellar.
Several of the "pages" have buttons on them.
You can read more about this tiny book here. I will eventually get to posting about other tiny books I've made with buttons on them as embellishments, but if you have an affinity for tiny books and can't stand the wait, you can also look here. ;)
This tiny book is also listed in my etsy shop here (it is one amongst several others).
:) Come back soon!