Happiness Is Being A New Floozy

Like most, if not all of you, I played with buttons when I was a child.  I played with my grandmother's buttons when I went to her house.  I would sit on the floor beside her as she sewed.  I counted her buttons and I sorted her buttons for hours on end.  I loved that old fruitcake tin with buttons in it. 

It has been a disappointment to me that no one thought I might want the buttons when they broke up my grandmother's house.  I suspect that the buttons were thrown out, tin and all.  To compensate, I collect buttons now.  I pick up buttons at estate sales because I think it would be sad if they were thrown out. 

I still like to look at the buttons but now I use them to finish stitchery projects.  I do counted work and frequently need a button or two to close a pocket, a needlebook, or other stitcher's accessory.  I also like to use my buttons as props or accessories in the pictures I take of my finished work.  There are some pictures of my finishes in my blog.  They are scattered throughout; please keep in mind that I started my blog as a way to keep in touch with a very dear friend.  That means it is more like a series of letters to a friend and covers a wide range of topics.  It does not specialize on one or two topics. 


Mosaic Magpie said…
Hi Linda,
I am a new floozie too! Nice to meet you.
Laurie said…
Welcome Linda! I feel the same way -- when I think of buttons being tossed I want to save them all!