Button Necklace

I recently found a great tutorial to make a button necklace on the Lilly Pilly blog which is written by a lady in Australia. The necklace Jo made for her tutorial is beautiful and I know you'll enjoy her blog.  I made my necklace in the above picture out of vintage mother of pearl buttons.

I am new to Button Floozies and look forward to sharing ideas for projects with fellow "floozies".  Also, I am always looking for metal buttons for my bracelets (my bracelets were featured in a post last week) and hope to discover new sources to buy buttons.

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Welcome to the Floozies, Sharon! Love your necklace, too!
Laurie said…
Your necklace is lovely! I adore MOP buttons!
Jo in TAS said…
Thanks for sharing my link Sharon, it's such a simple necklace to make!
Cheers to all Button Floozies!