Some vintage buttons

Just thought I'd share some vintage buttons from a most recent project.
I love the swirly details. And the burnt orange and chocolate colors~ they remind me of Autumn : )
And some, not so vintage. In fact-I believe they're new. But I love the colors too : )
I'm getting ready for Autumn colors~even if they're just in buttons!


Unknown said…
Check out my most recent post for what I did with my Mom's old buttons! She has some really neat ones I just can't part with yet ;)
Starry said…
it may not be attractive, but I do believe my jaw is gaping in envy, that second photograph in particular! Amazing!
Unknown said…
Your so talented wow .. I love that little purse

Thanks for stopping by, I think I follow your other blog, but had to follow this one, I am a button freak!! The problem is i never like to use them! I loved looking through this blog and all of the buttons and projects. I saw your flea market find. Twice I have found a tin of buttons at a garage sale....Oh, my heart skips a beat!

Linda M. said…

Thanks for visiting my PS post. I've been trying to get to your She's Sew Pretty Blog but I've been unable to connect to it. Love all the buttons, I have a small collection and I keep telling myself I should do something with them.

Happy Pink Saturday!
Tina Baxter said…
I love the birdcage bag with the buttons - its really cute. I also really love buttons!

I have passed on The Versatile Blogger Award to you, as I really like your Blog. I hope you will receive it - if you would like to please see my blog for more details Thanks for the inspiration and happy blogging x
LP Vintage said…
I love your wee purses and the buttons you've chosen!