Buttons Buttons Buttons

I found this picture here and thought how lovely and eye-catching it is. I would spend ages just looking at all of that colour showing through the glass jars. Not quite that organised here I am afraid!
Article attached to read if you wish.


There was an article about buttons in this months Country Sampler..
I love buttons and have tons and jars and tins and huge antique glass jars full Have 8 round glass jars with lids on bottom sitting on my computer desktop full of wooden buttons..
Love all your buttons.....

Maurine Huffines
andrea creates said…
so fun to sort through and look at!
KeRobinson said…
Ooohhhh! Well, I would love 2 sit & help anyone who want to sort and organize these ;)
ooo! I can see why this caught your eye - so tempting ;o)
Love all those pretty colours displayed in beautiful jars very eyecatching.