It's time to renew membership in the National Button Society!

Just a reminder that if you haven't already, it's time to renew your membership to the National Button Society!  Although renewals were officially due October 31, you may still enroll online and/or mail in now to be received during their generous grace period.  It's also a great time to join and get the full year's benefit!  You need not be a US resident to join the club.

One great perk is the National Button Bulletin, which comes out five times each year, and is full of information on our favorite subject...

and photos you won't find anywhere else!

Also: consider joining your State and Local Button Societies as well!  Mine, the Colorado State Button Society, is always accepting new members!  You can find a whole list of State societies on this page.


Anne K. said…
I'm embarrassed that I didn't even know there WAS a National Button Society! Thanks for the information - will definitely check it out.

I posted about a recent vintage button find on my last podcast and am loving some of the project ideas they're opening up to me.

Thanks for a super blog!!