Buttons from Amsterdam

Yesterday was a nice autumn day and I went to Amsterdam just to stroll around. I think Amsterdam is one of the best shopping centers of the world, with all those funny little boutiques. You should go and see for yourself one day. When I was walking down one of the canals, suddenly my eye caught...
Look at that brown dot at 9 o'clock!
Zoom in:
Let's take a closer look!
That button must be the largest I have ever seen!
Of course! We are at the 'knopenwinkel'!
Knoop=button and knopen=button and winkel means shop.  
Everything sings button over here; the doorknobs and even that nice little sign 'open' is made out of buttons!
Even the windows have been buttonized! (Did I just invent a new word?)
But of course we have come to see this^
And this^
These button canvasses behind the counter are a great way of displaying buttons. 
On the counters a trompe l'oeuil and some real buttons are making a fool of your eyes. 
(just click on the photo to have a better view).
It might be hard to believe but I left the store with only two buttons. But they are perfect and I am very happy! Just visit this lovely store one day, you won't be sorry! 

galerie & accessoires
Herengracht 389
1016 BC Amsterdam

(I'm not being paid to write this!)
Have a fun weekend, xoxo LiLi


Barbara H. said…
What a sweet little shop! Thanks for sharing!
Pallas said…
What a beautiful community! I love the button shop - the pictures are a little peek into another world. Did you post the buttons you bought?
Gerry Krueger said…
Years ago I stumbled on a button shop in Amsterdam...different from this... It had tiny drawer in the walls...floor to ceiling ...but a treasure....I did leave with a dent in my wallet but of course the exchange rate was different.. Thanks for posting this...I have 2 stitching friends in Netherlands and hope to see them soon.... I'll keep this address... Thanks Gerry K.
A dream store! I love buttons.....If ever I visit, that will be a stop!

Createology said…
Oh how I would love to travel to Amsterdam just to visit this wonderful shop. Thank you for sharing. Safe Travels...
Lululiz said…
What an incredible place!
Andrea said…
What a fantastic shop, I would be in heaven!!!
Nooit geweten dat jij een buttonfloozie bent !!!!!?????
andrea creates said…
wow!thanks for sharing~these are great photos! amsterdam looks like a great place :)
Kitty Ballistic said…
I only found out about this shop in the last few weeks, and it's on my 'must visit' list next time we're in Amsterdam. I was put off a little by some reviews I've read online, but it sounds like you had a pleasant experience there. :-)
Christine said…
Oh, now I have a reason to go to Amsterdam!
Laurie said…
Oh, Amsterdam has it all -- love that town! Thank you so much for posting all those awesome photos! Lucky you!
JR said…
It is nice to have access to your beautiful photos.
felicia said…
oh my goodness! heavenly!!!!
If i ever go to Amsterdam I will hunt this shop down :) TFS x
Unknown said…
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Cherry Chick said…
It looks like a truly amazing place to shop. I can't imagine walking out with only two buttons though.
What was so special about the two you bought?
MelMel said…
Wow, that stain glass is amazing!x
Beth Niquette said…
I LOVE your blog! lol I really like buttons--and this entry made me laugh. Your photos are wonderful--and I LOVE the one with the big button! lol
Hi Lili:
I would have been in Button Heaven! Thanks for sharing your trip to the shop. I especially love the sign, door handle and stained glass. Lovely!
Kayjay said…
I've just found your blog. I'm new to button collecting and have started a blog too. I am addicted I think. What a beautiful shop. I could lose myself for a long time there.
Indigo Blue said…
Oh gosh.........hang on a minute, just need to pick my jaw off the floor! What a great shop, I would sooo love to work there!
janita mantel said…
Wat leuk om een stukje bekent te zien, woon al 5 jaar in Dubai, maar kom oorspronkelijk uit de Haarlemmermeer, heb 7 jaar in Amsterdam gestudeert en heb er 25 jaar gewoont. Krijg een beetje heimwee, bedankt voor je leuke stukje. liefs Janita
Yvonne Randall said…
How wonderful to find such a likeminded crafter. I've just become a follower too. Lots of buttons on my blog as well!
Carol Anne said…
Thank you so much for posting this!! I am going to Amsterdam in August this yr, & this will be the first place I go!! It looks absolutely delightful!!! Where are you from?? I am in Indiana.
Carol Anne Kouyoumdjian