can you help me please?

i have seen buttons like this in a "marcasite" colourway
but not in a goldtone before, they are glass
and they have a 4-way brass shank


these are unusual too
they are glass with a faux printed silk effect to the centres,
the rim and colour remind me of victorian jet mourning buttons
but the floral pattern makes me think 1950's

these also have the 4-way brass shanks

Please can you help identifying the age of these buttons?
Any help greatly appreciated :0)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x


Tamsyn said…
They are definetly older than the 50's, from looking at the shanks and the black ones look hand painted? if the flowers are slightly different then they would be painted, the shank attached to glass is late 19th century- early twentieth century. I may need a closer look at those ;) they are beautiful!
Hello ~ I am a button collector (alhtough not an expert!) but was once told that the shape of the shanks on your buttons are brass box shanks and commonly found on Victorian buttons. Hope this might help! Gorgeous buttons by the way!
andrea creates said…
very interesting-I've never seen a 4 way shank before!
Cute, I love all the buttons.. I always collect buttons too but don't have the really pretty and old ones like you do. Thanks for visiting my blog. Those tutorial are really easy and fun. Have a Happy Mother's day.
Look like imitation fabric buttons to me.
Mary said…
As a button collector, I'd have to say both sets of black glass buttons, with their 4-way shanks, are definitely Victorian era. The flowered ones are imitation fabric, resembling printed silk. I'm partial to the black glass buttons in various gold, silver, copper luster finishes! Very pretty!
thanks for the help button floozies!