Vintage Easter Greetings ~ Button Style!

Vintage Happy Easter Greetings!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope your day if filled with family, friends, fun and food.....

...And may the food on your table be so good, that someone pops a button or two and they end up in your button stash!


Love the vintage Easter cards..You have a blessed day.

Queen of Dreamsz
Bubbealice said…
And the same to you.
Leah said…
Gorgeous post!! Happy Easter to you too!
Maison Douce said…
Wishing you a wonderful Easter day!!
Peggy said…
Happy Easter!
Candy said…
Thanks for stopping by and wishing Easter blessings. So cute...your little button stash and oh so sweet little bunnies.
Heading down for afternoon festivities with smiles in my heart of the blog friends God has lead me to an this journey.
Cheers, Candy
Jennifer said…
Oh Happy Easter! I sure filled my tummy with the best food and I didn't even have to cook - oh it was so nice!
Lois said…
Hmmmm....that's one way of getting buttons that I never thought of.
Hope you had a Happy Easter.