A new take on the button bracelet!

I found these leather bracelets recently and thought how nice it would be to dress them up a little. I came up with these:

I stitched some satin ribbon to the leather then added some ruffled lace and some buttons. I love coming up with new ideas for using what would otherwise be discarded or hidden away in a drawer.

Have a good weekend all you fellow button lovers!


ooohh i like these
i've been playing around with "cuffs" lately too but made nothing to show yet!
Deborah said…
Let us know what you come up with when you do. This is so much fun.
debi said…
Oh, your button bracelets are soooo pretty...love the ruffles!
Have a lovely weekend,
manda said…
These are great! What a fabulous idea to use ribbon first, then buttons! Well done!
Leah said…
I love the blue one, old buttons and lace are 2 of my favourite things!
Those turned out really cute. :0)

I love all your vintage buttons. What a great collection!
KeRobinson said…
OMG! These are so UNIQUE!
I favor the pink one! ...or maybe the blue one..hmmmmm....
You should send these bracelets/cuffs into Belle Armoire for submission! They are really nice. The deadline is June 15th Thanks for sharing! Penny
Lp said…
I thought I had joined some time agao. I got an invitation and responded. Then I was away for a couple of months. Am I in or out?
Sheryl Parsons said…
Those are very cool! I have so many buttons they are about to take over! You've got some great ideas here.
Rose said…
These bracelets are lovely.
So many cute buttons on your blog, it makes me want to get back into scrapbooking :)