I have found the most wonderful button booth in Georgetown, KY at the Georgetown Antique Mall. I have not met Lisa but I know she is a kindred spirit.

The antique mall has 3 floors and an annex filled with such pleasure. So many small things, delicate laces, sparkly jewelry, dolls, buttons, lovely buttons. They also have furniture, dishes, just everything. Vintage baby dresses, silverware. The annex has books!

JoAnn and Jessi are delightful as well as helpful. I always enjoy talking to them. They let me use their bathroom so they have my heart.

Back to the booth, SEW WHAT. It is such a fun spot. I want everything there. My apologies to Lisa for dumping everything out of the little blue wooden bowl, I had to buy it because I couldn't carry all the things I bought down the stairs. I love the little bowl, it is happy in my house. Lisa, your buttons have found a good home.


Teresa aka Tess said…
Oh, what wonderful eyecandy. I love places like this. There are wonderful antique shops like this in Abilene, Kansas too. I can get lost in them.. I could get lost here too. So much wonderful stuff.
Amy said…
Wow, so many buttons! Because of you blog I really take notice of buttons now in the store! I better be careful or it will be come my new habit!

Hey, this is great! I would love to have all those crocheted doilies!! Hahahaha

Queen of Dreamsz
Tina Peacock said…
This sounds like my idea of button heaven! I love these kind of places, there just aren't enough of them!
HElen said…
Buttons paradise!