Easter Bouquet

I decided to part with some of my treasured vintage buttons
and make an Easter bouquet for my son's teacher.
He and I had so much fun making the flowers!
He even made a few flowers for himself!

The best part is that his teacher LOVED the bouquet.
A few of the moms loved it too - looks like I may be hosting a workshop soon!
B.Y.O.B. (bring your own buttons)

Happy Easter!! xoxo
Julie - CupcakeDD


Bubbealice said…
What a lovely bouquet. What teacher wouldn't just love it!
Recycled Rita said…
What a lucky teacher!
Jody Blue said…
Swee idea, they will last a long time!
That is sweet! I still haven't made button flowers...why? I need to do this. :0)

Have a blessed day,
Queen of Dreamsz
great bouquet - yes definately BYOB!!!!
Melanie said…
too cute indeed!
Jennifer said…
That is such a great bouquet! It can be treasured for so long! That is a lucky Teacher!
LvPoohBr2 said…
These are absolutely adorable!!!
Starry said…
oh my, I have been making sculptures out of buttons but I can't believe I never thought of this! I hope you won't mind but I would now like to try my hand at these. Thank you for the inspiration, what a lovely, lovely idea.
Summer Gypsy said…
I was in a button flower bouquet swap last year, and it was so fun!!! I love how you added the "word art" as leaves. I just posted on how flowers "speak!" Just charming and beautiful, Julie!
Carole said…
Those are too sweet. I may have to make myself a couple. :-)
Unknown said…
This is so fun. I love buttons myself. I have crafted many flowers and picture holders out of buttons. Keep up the great work.
Deborah said…
These are simply lovely and make a charming gift.
Linda said…
an absolute delight!
Melisa said…
I love this little bouquet! How thoughtful and generous of you to gift it to your son's teacher.