Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vintage Button Card Swap Details * CLOSED *

OK Ladies, here we go!! I had a fabulous response to the Vintage Button Card Swap idea and I think I've worked out the details pretty well. Mind you, I'm not perfect and I'm positive I missed something so will someone point it out to me?? :)

1.) Vintage/Antique Buttons only! NO new buttons please!

2.) At least 4 buttons on a card. They don't have to match, but should be similar.

3.) If your Button Card is HANDMADE because you do not have/can not find any vintage cards you will receive a HANDMADE button card in exchange. Tit for tat, so to speak.

4.) This is 'one card' for 'one card' swap. If it works fabulous, then I'll do a larger swap (ie.. 3 for 3) later.

5.) International floozies are more than welcome! Please come and play!


7.) You do not have to be a 'registered floozie' to join the swap, anyone can join!

8.) I will need all participants to EMAIL me their mailing address, website/blog address and what type of card you will sending (handmade or vintage).

  • All button cards should be received by me by August 15th. (this gives ample time for International floozies to get their cards to me.)
  • All cards will be shuffled around and mailed back out to you on/before August 18th.

10.) Do unto others.. SEND WHAT YOU WOULD LOVE TO GET!! I will do my best to distribute the button cards as evenly as possible (era, quantity, quality, etc..) Please remember the joy is in the GIVING- the nicer the bundle you send, the nicer the bundle you will get in return!

11.) PAYMENT: Unfortunately I'd love to pay the entire kit and caboodle but alas, I cannot. Soooo...

  • Please include $2.00 for shipping and packaging within the US. You can either paypal it to me, hidden cash, OR include a postage paid PADDED envelope (about $1.50 for postage) with your button card.
  • If you would like them quickly, include $5.00 for Priority Mail instead.
  • Canadian Floozies please include or paypal $3.00.
  • International Floozies please include or paypal me $5.00.

12.) Shipping: Having sold many buttons through my Etsy shop, I have had the unpleasant experience of the envelopes getting chewed up in the postal machinery. PLEASE send your button card in a small padded bubble mailer to ensure it's safety! (not too much at Walmart)

All button cards will be mailed to you in a padded bubble mailer.

If that is not an option, sandwich it between two pieces of heavy card stock. I'd hate to have some lovelies get damaged or lost!

13.)THE PLAYERS: Here are the floozies who have let me know already that they want to play, as I get in emails/comments, I'll add your name to the list. Once it's full, it's full! We are already over half way there!!

  1. Abbie (myself)
  2. Kathleen Grace
  3. Rachel Whetzel
  4. Debbie-Heart to Art
  5. Debbie-StudioBeeCreations
  6. Jessica Rodarte
  7. Angela Harris
  8. Melanie ?
  9. Beth Leintz
  10. Joanna - SweetFinds
  11. Lili
  12. Margo
  13. Vivian
  14. RhondaMum
  15. Robin
  16. Stephanie - QueenofDreamz
  17. Marian Edwards
  18. Linda Smith
  19. Laurie - Charming Designs
  20. Sue

*Please grab the image below for your blog if you would like. Please right click, save it to your pc's. For bloggers, when you add your image in your layout, in the link box type in the entire web address for ButtonFloozies.blogspot and your image will automatically link here!

Alright, I think I covered it all! Any questions post them in the comments so I can answer them for everyone!

Yeay! This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to see what comes in!

I have pounds of lovely buttons that are seeking homes and you will each get a small little bundle of beauties from my stock pile for playing along!

Thank you!!




Margo said...

Please add me to your list. Can't wait - I'm looking forward to playing!

rachel whetzel said...

YAY!! I'm looking forward to this!! I wondered... I bought an older set of buttons the other day, but I had planned on sending that, with a card I made... is that OK? I could attach the bought card onto a larger one with buttons on it?

Abbie said...

That sounds lovely Rachel!
Margo, you are #12!

Kathleen Grace said...

Yay, I cant wait to see all the great buttons!

Rhondamum said...

I am SO in and I love the new banner too Abbie! Well done!


RobinBirdsNest said...

I e-mailed you my info earlier. Hope I'm not too late to get in!
sounds wonderful!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Beth, the timing is great, If the last few spots are still avail, I'll take part. Let me know. Thanks. Laurie

Anonymous said...


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